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Agrimony is a digital illustrator and creative coder. Agrimony uses code as a medium by which forms are expressed and drawn to screen or paper. The resulting work is a tension between the perfect replayability of code and the chaos of randomness which ties all the various pieces together.

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An ancient civilization had conquered the stars, building huge monoliths to harness their energy. These mega structures now lie in decay, as their lights begin to dim. What happened to these civilizations? We may never know. We can only bear witness to their ends.The code for "Dying of the Lights" explores the effect of heredity on structure and color. The base data structure is a quadtree in which child nodes inherit properties from its parent. The evolution of each node depends on the structure of the parent, and not all nodes will survive. The structure is then exploded into their final resting place as they slowly orbit the star.

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