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3D Artist / Industrial Designer

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Alden / ADesignMachine

Alden, a.k.a adesignmachine, is a multidisciplinary designer and 3D artist born and raised in Singapore. A particular focus on industrial design allowed him to translate into visual engineering. Fusing his interest in mechanical keyboards began his experiment with keycap design with mecha, which evolved progressively into a non-fungible keycap mecha collection. Apart from building keyboards and creating his mecha, he is advocating and helping new creators to “create”.

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[SG-57] An Icepop SG Mecha in the patriotic Singapore colorway to celebrate the 57th National Birthday! The Mecha traveled far and abroad form the galaxy to reach Singapore just in time for the national celebration!

The mecha design are meticulously crafted with Custom-designed SG decals in the iconic MMX fashion. On its back, the mecha armoury are swapped with 2 old-school ice pops, inspired by the icepop we brought at mama shop. Last but not least, a little touch of the F-15SG fighters fly by to honor Singapore! Enjoy the mecha under the bright sunny day!

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