Alice X'ver

3D Artist / Fashion Designer

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Alice X'ver

Hi there, my name is Alice X'ver. I am a budding 3D Apparel and fashion designer. I'm an enthusiast in learning how people think and react to a design and its problem solving assessment. My goal is to pursue design with a greater response combining beauty, sustainability and a problem solving future. I aim to focus on silhouette manipulation and connect myself to aesthetics that involve futuristic and deeper concepts. I appreciate designs that speak loud about a fashion culture representing the streets, combining it with high tailored clothing.

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The above is an interior based in progress project about store created and possible facilities to be required by customers. The interior is divided in rooms such as store, trial, washroom, kitchen and an open space to enjoy food and beverages. This consists of assets like cupboards, showpiece, and even garment hanger stand seen in retail stores. This is a slight glimpse of the project visuals. 

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