Alicia / aic.ila

Digital Illustrator / Fashion Designer

Kuala Lumpur
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Alicia / aic.ila

The captivating world of Alicia who seamlessly blends artistry with emotion, elevating the very essence of clothing to an ethereal level. Evoking a sense of euphoria and delight in those who wear them. Encapsulates the concept of mood boosting, infusing garments with vibrant hues and whimsical patterns that radiates positive energy.

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Imagine a future where gravity disappears, and we are spiritually liberated and euphoric. This visionary collection captures that essence, with mood-boosting, glow, aura, and dreamlike qualities. It offers a mix of tailored and classic pieces, creating a "stiff cage" that releases energy and extends beyond the body. Each garment blurs the boundaries, inviting you to experience a world where fashion becomes a conduit for freedom and self-expression

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