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Aller Row

Aller Row is a Singapore based independent fashion label, creating womenswear and menswear featuring prints inspired by the pluralism surrounding the designers’ lives. Bringing to the table exclusive edgy-looking classics that relates with your urban lifestyle. Timeless silhouettes with bold prints. Delicate textiles used with an unexpected twist. Serving as your daily muse of a wardrobe that combines attitude with a laid back feel. It is for the generation of people who are unafraid to speak up, passionate in forging their own paths, perceptive to a fault. We are here to design clothes that inspire you to embrace the familiar with the strange.

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The world is going round faster and faster each year. We live indispensably with all kinds of connections we make with self-being and surroundings. This mini series come to a journey of finding a balance between the new and old, the softness and toughness, the concealed and exposed.

Paisley bears an intriguing resemblance to the famous yin-yang symbol - a powerful tool to engage one to understand what clothes are communicating.

Perhaps the secret to such an immortality print is how it is able to combines conformity with unruliness, how it is able to blends its vintage era and adapt to the modern futuristic society.

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