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Fine Arts / Visual Arts

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Benedict Yu

Benedict Yu is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner and researcher who explores Eastern philosophy, psychology, and human behavior through the lense of contemporary arts, conversational interaction, technology, and artificial intelligence. His works and researches have been shown internationally in London, Kyoto, Tokyo, Berlin, Barcelona, Rovereto, Singapore, and Taiwan. Some of the places include Marina Bay Sands, National Museum of Singapore, National Design Center, Gajah Gallery, and Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti (Italy)

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Leading Artist: Benedict Yu

Mural Team: BODHI, Isabel Lim, Jessica Goh, Joanna Lim, Sarah Noorhimli, Thng Ai Wei


Mural Description:

A heart is seen as the core of our lives, just like this motherboard that you see here. It is the source of vibrant and powerful energy for GR.ID.


“Motherboard” represents the innovative and creative dynamics that coexist together here. It carries an endless amount of data, holds and allows communication between many components. This reflects GR.ID as a place where anyone and everyone who wants a haven to connect and freely create meaningful conversations.


The intersection of the various floors around “Motherboard” can be seen as a collective of voices colliding into a spectrum of gradients where different perspectives and languages are exchanged.


As people gather, the collective energy from each individual will be circulating the heart of the mall, nurturing an ever-growing, intricate, and creative hub for Singapore’s communities.

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