Digital Illustrator / Fashion Designer

United Kingdom
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Going by the name Chromakane, Jessie Cohen is a London-based artist who works in a precise, illustrative style. Her work combines analogue and digital techniques, beginning as a pen and ink drawing before being digitally rendered. Jessie draws upon her Eurasian heritage when creating her illustrative prints, creating work that lies on the intersection between East and West. The combination of mythological storytelling and her precise attention to detail makes her work both intriguing and visually pleasing.

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Chromakane’s first NFT collection, now fully minted out through the Art Is The Cure community and trading on OpenSea, consists of 999 individual 1:1 art pieces representing nine masks from different world cultures. Ancient cultural masks evoke a sense of belonging and self-expression. A colourful, eclectic and culturally sensitive collection which has paved the way for new collaborations and projects in art and fashion, from immersive art installations to augmented reality digital fashion experiences.

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