Digital Illustrator / Graphic Designer

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Ellaces, also known by the name of "Ella", is a self-taught illustrator based in Singapore. With drawing as her hobby since childhood, Ellaces often creates her art based on the experiences she has encountered in life, giving each of her art a meaningful backstory. Upon entering the NFT space in September 2021, Ellaces has since launched her works across multiple NFT platforms such as OpenSea, Foundation and OBJKT.

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Don't you miss those days when you were just a kid and your biggest problem in life was deciding which color of gummy bear to eat first?

As I grow, I find myself missing my childhood more as life was so much simpler back then and fond memories like this often bring me comfort that at least I enjoyed the earlier part of my life.

While we can't rewind time, do yourself a favor, take a break and treat yourself to some gummies!

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