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Hello! I'm a hobbyist photographer specializing in landscape and urban photography. My current goals for this medium is to use it as a means to capture everyday scenes and stories, and turn them into something special. With so many of us looking to social media for a sense of escapism, I aim to shine a light on the little moments of magic in our everyday lives and the beauty in our local environment that goes overlooked in favor of more "instagrammable" places. A strong advocate of this medium, I promote the idea that photography is open to everyone, regardless of camera and am a strong proponent that it's the user that makes the photo, and not the camera. I therefore enjoy educating others on this topic while also pushing the limits of the current equipment I have. Apart from this, I am also picking up videography (using my trusty iPhone 13) as well as 3D Modelling (so that I can create things I can't capture on camera). In my day job I'm a polymer chemist, currently working on research and development of sustainable materials. Apart from research work, I also have the pleasure of mentoring four students through their postgraduate studies.

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Dreams of the Lion City is a small project I'm working on that focuses on composites that contain at least one element set in Singapore. Primarily inspired by music, each piece acts as a form of release where I translate the emotions felt when I listen to the song(s) into the final visuals seen. Dreams often acts as a form of catharsis for me, since I don't enjoy discussing my emotions with others. As my emotional outlet, each item in this collection therefore has a very personal meaning to me and I hope that it is conveyed to the viewers

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