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"Representing a blend of everyday objects and rituals, my brand New Dawn stands for a beginning and modernisation of a zeitgeist. It is an exploration of my identity through the narrations of everyday life through experimentation with colors, tailoring, silhouette to play with metaphors. Pratyusha is the designer behind New Dawn. She is currently a final year student studying fashion design at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. The designer combines her cultural and artistic references with tailoring and pattern cutting to infuse her works with a distinct metaphorical feeling. Experimentation is at the heart of her creative practice. Thus New Dawn is a journal of her identity, culture and objects she cherishes."

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The project How Deep is your Love explores the notions of the new luxury. Luxury is about peeling the excess layers of its systemthat have been added through several years to expose its pure form. The concept emerged from the notions of heritage and memory (which are the key elements of luxury) with a focus on heirloom as multi-temporal force, embedded beyond family history. The project takes inspiration from the process of heirloom rejuvination as an act of layering and stripping down the components of the object to fit the social zeitgiest and relate to it heir's identity and personal product ecology. The garments takes vial aids from the literal process of peeling( for example peeling of an orange or an onion as a primary research for a creative cut. The project also references the work of designer Hans Tan who is known for his porcelain rejuvintion using sandblasting techniques. The garments in the collection are a composition of classic and artistic elements to reference the process of new becoming old and old becoming new.

Picture Credits

- Black and White picture

Garments: @____pratyusha

Photography: @stalemateq

Styling: @lavonttay @kkkeefe @thebluemarch

Hair and Makeup: @_hyxnju @ruibinn_ @jsschlica

Model: @yinnguoo @avemanagement

- Colour Picture

Garments by @____pratyusha

Photography: @ jackie_chance _the_rapper

Styling: @lavonttay @kkkeefe @thebluemarch

Hair and Makeup: @_hyxnju @ruibinn_ @jsschlica

Model: @yinnguoo @avemanagement

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