Saidar Orbo

Digital Illustrator

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Saidar Orbo

"Holistic oracle, living box of answers, enthusiast guide and shaman artist Saidar Orbo. The world is woven from magic and uncertainties. Nobody is alone. My consciousness is the property of everyone, because I am a product of this world. The consciousness of everyone is my wealth and resource, through others I know myself and the world. The author's paintings are realistic and fantastic at the same time: cozy familiar images of cats coexist here with the blue of phantasmagoric landscapes, evoking in the viewer a strange feeling of be-longing to some mystical secret, and this secret is not in another universe, but here nearby, in a corner where light does not fall, between an acrylic-painted wall and a warm, soft feline side, soothing with its deafening purr."

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Since childhood, I've experienced a funny phenomenon: I have a white sheet in front of me. I look at it, lines appear, I circle them and bulls, dragons, cats, trees come to life, hands raise a flower. It paints itself.

Now, it's the same with digital. I flip through the pictures, one catches me (even if I've looked at it a hundred times and nothing). I load it into a redactor and let the magic happen on its own. I follow the lines, I see creatures that want to manifest - I help them. Something is hiding in the grass and I leave it alone.

But often, those whom I felt, but did not show, come to light in front of the eyes of a casual viewer. But once a person has seen the hidden, is this meeting so accidental?

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