Away from Stygian

The project is set in a world where it is 2050 and we have just come out of a 30-year global pandemic. At the peak of the pandemic, a baffling and chilling foe of social distress was caused by crashing economies and environmental destruction. It got the better of the planet creating the dystopia people struggle with. The uncertainty about when the pandemic would end created an unsettling atmosphere in the minds of society. Therefore, when the horrifying pandemic finally comes to an end, everyone is hopeful in creating a better today than yesterday; and a better tomorrow than today.

People desire improvements and innovations to create an optimistic future. They are conscious of the world’s well-being. Desiring for incremental progress in steps towards a healthier environment, society, and technology. My approach to this is circular and mono-material fashion. Circular fashion is the up and coming solution for fast fashion, over consumption and textile waste.  In essence, a circular economy for fashion implies that all materials and products are used for as long as possible, in an environmentally safe manner. In this project, fashion is designed with high longevity, resource efficiency, non-toxicity, biodegradability, recyclability and good ethics in mind.

Designer: Varsha Venkatesan

Photographer: Rheza Paleva

Model: Rhea Kapahi

Make-up Artist: Anindita Choudhury

Stylist: Varsha Venkatesan

Art Directors: Brigitta Vianne, Yoon Jin Y, Corinne Janita

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