Instrument of Skin

Instrument of skin is a discourse of normative beauty ideals and its objectification. The collection analyses and questions the narrations of beauty and its opposites. The Ugly is the direct opposite of beauty and these two qualities are the properties of seeing, Thus every given object or notion concerned with the body comes loaded with attached connotations The production of ugliness and that of beauty is based on the codesof appearance and conduct. To arrive at the judgement of what is deemed to be beautiful, one needs a greater understanding of what can be ugly, meaningless or insignificant in context of the relevant object. However this segregation gives rise to a matter of baises toward dominant conventions of attractiveness. Ugliness resists the notions of discipline, norms, or self-objectification. This ugliness was embodied to resist the patriarchal.Applied to fashion, where a jacket, a vest, a trouser and a skirt are interpreted by various experimentations and become a metaphorof consumption of ugliness to combat the ideals of beauty.The collection shares the ideals from the tales of embodiment of ugly from the agatha's plate of breasts, the avant-garde narrations from the lessons of the dead cockroach, marcel duchamp's fountain and everyday encounters with our very own skin. The process involves the speculation of hypothetical human evolution where the skin has lopsided mass and displaced the notion of beauty from itself. Imagine yourself to be this human with skin so heavy and in greater quantity and with no specific body shape. The skin will have folds, wrinkles, stretch marks, patches, and be full of pores. This characteristics are the Instruments of Skin

Picture credits

-In the images

- Plate of breasts Jacket, Saggy Vest, Cartilage Pants, BBl, Skirt

Garments by @____pratyusha

Photography -@ nikkiraoStyling-@jsschllaModel-@deadpoolpizaa and @____pratyusha

Set and Creative Direction- @nikkirao and @jsschlla

Scans of Garments done by @____pratyusha

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